Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 75: An Alright Week

Greetings from Sunny Southern Florida!

Hehehehe sorry to hear the rest of the nation suffered in a blizzard, but it's still sunny down here. Chilly though. I actually had to pull out my sweaters this last week:)

Anyways, weather aside this last week was an alright one. Last Tuesday we didn't get much accomplished because it was P Day and then we had our ward correlation at 7pm. Not only that, but the zone leaders go to a stake correlation meeting with the mission president and the stake president, so we had that meeting at 8pm. Not a whole lot of time for proselyting Tuesday.

Then Wednesday we had the worldwide missionary broadcast which was titled "Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts".  It was really awesome; they taught us how to work better with members, less active members, and part member families. They also just trained us on a lot of other important missionary skills and how to best help investigators. It was just great all around. I could write a whole letter about it...but I'll save you the read this time around ;)

After that Elder Van Cott and I did exchanges with some district leaders, and I stayed in the area. We knocked some doors, contacted some Bible referrals from the church website, and then we taught a lesson to a member referral named Allison who actually came to church a couple of weeks ago without us knowing. It went pretty well; she had kept all of her commitments. She just wants to take it super slow and start out coming like once a month. So we're trying to help her attend a little more regularly, but the good news is that there is a lot of potential with her and her family. Hopefully if we do things right, God will speed up the process a bit :)

Thursday not too much happened, we just did some service at the local food bank and knocked lots of doors as well as contacted a few part member families. We actually did meet a few people, but they don't really have any interest in the church at the moment. One of them said we could come over for dinner though, so we might try that approach :D

Friday was interesting, we had both of our district trainings that day and now they do interviews with the mission president during that time. So everyone was pulled out district training to go have their PPI with President Richardson. It was pretty weird, but it worked out. After all of that was finished, we knocked some doors and contacted some more part member families. We had a little bit of luck. We are actually going to follow up with a family tonight that we met on Friday.

Saturday we did another exchange with the Spanish elders in the zone, which was fun and helpful to get to know them and their area a little bit better! 

As for Sunday, we had an investigator named Tina come to church again for the 3rd time! It's just weird because she doesn't really have time to meet during the week and isn't always reading, but she keeps coming to church! So we're just trying to take it at her pace, and we'll see what happens. We didn't get anyone new to church unfortunately, but we will next week though!

Basically Sundays are just weird here because they're like another P Day. We do studies, go to ward council, go round up our investigators for church, go to church, go home, change, usually go to a meal appointment and by then it's already 6:00 pm. which is different for me since I've always had early church on my mission, but it works out!

Anyways that's about it for this week. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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