Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 76: We Finally Got New Investigators to Church!!

Hey everyone!

Well I feel like the title sums it up, we got 5 new investigators to church yesterday!!! God is good:)

First one is a Peruvian lady named Helen (don't worry she speaks English). The spanish sisters actually knocked on her door and then passed her to us as a referral. Well we finally saw her Wednesday night and she is awesome!! She's a very intelligent woman who has a bachelors in biochemistry and is working on another bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Yup, super smart. But she reads everything we give her and prays too! My favorite moment with her this week was when I felt prompted to testify about how baptism by proper authority washes our sins away (a remission of sins) and it just clicked with her. She understood it perfectly and was super excited that she would be able to have her sins washed away. So when we invited her to be baptized she accepted! Interestingly enough we invited her to be baptized the 13th of February. She didn't accept that, but asked how often we do services and so we told her every Saturday. She then proceeded to pick her own baptismal date and chose the 27th of February. How awesome is that!?!?! So super excited to keep teaching her:)

I also was reminded of the importance of members this week. One thing with Helen is that she was studying the Book of Mormon like a textbook and just thought that it was a book of stories. So we were trying to help her understand that she needs to read it like scripture and pray and ask God if the book is true, but for some reason we couldn't explain it the right way. But then Brother Rodriguez came in and saved the lesson and helped her understand what to do with the Book of Mormon, it was awesome!

As well, we also helped 2 new families come to church for their first time. We had taught Venice a couple of times, but then she got busy and we hadn't been able to meet with her. We got her to church though and she loved it. It was interesting because she is actually an active member of another church. So when she came to ours, she asked when we would throw the tithes and offerings into the bowl. We then explained how no one in the church gets paid and that those things are paid in private. Her response? "My church is all about the MONEY!" Needless to say, I think she'll be coming back again:)

Also another guy named David who we contacted in the laundry room of his apartment complex a week ago came as well and he loved it so much! He said he's been to a lot of churches but just hasn't really felt one. Then he came to ours and he has nothing but good to say about it which was cool! Unfortunately he's moving out of our area and into the area of the other Elders in the ward so we won't be able to keep teaching him, but hey it's all the same team:)

So that's pretty much it as far as the work here in Hollywood, things are finally picking up!

Probably wondering about how the Book of Mormon musical went right? Well I got the chance to do it a couple of times this last week, and let's just say it's an adventure:) People either try super hard to avoid us or they're totally open to talking to us, there's no inbetween! It's pretty fun to pass out copies of the Book of Mormon like candy though, we passed out a bunch Saturday after the matinee showing which was good! Hopefully some baptisms come from it!

That's pretty much it for this week though, love you all and have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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