Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week 77: Making Progress with Helen

Hey All!

To be honest this was a harder week for me. Not really anything major, but just a bunch of little things piled up enough to frustrate me. Sometimes life goes like that though.

The good news is that Helen, our investigator, agreed to move her baptismal date up to the 20th of February. She came to church again, which was good. Her first time in Gospel Principles class was a little rough though. I'm kind of growing to hate the manual for that class. Freaking investigators are in there and all of the scripture references in lesson 5 about the Creation are in the Pearl of Great Price. DEEP DOCTRINE MUCH??????????? So ya when we read the scripture about how all living things have spirits, Helen freaked out a bit. Not to mention that Heavenly Mother was brought up......... Good grief. I should note that I'm not just frustrated with the class here in Hollywood but in general with the class. This stuff happens everywhere and scares investigators away like you wouldn't believe. But hey, I'll get over it sooner or later... :)

Despite the craziness, Helen really is doing pretty well. She got a testimony of the Book of Mormon this week! We were talking about how the Book of Mormon helps us to answer our questions. So we had her come up with a question and then told her to pray for understanding, read the Book of Mormon, and she would receive an answer! Well she did it, opened up to a random spot in the Book of Mormon and found answers to all three of her questions reading that way. That was a pretty big miracle! As well she's agreed to live all of the commandments and accepted baptisms for the dead. So things are moving along pretty well.

As for the other families, Venice's father has been sick in the hospital this week so we weren't able to see her and she didn't make it to church yesterday. But we stopped by and she agreed to pray about a baptismal date. So we will see what happens. As for David and his family, they actually moved into the other Elders area this past week. We helped them load their truck which was fun. Didn't make it to church, but the other Elders will do some follow up with them.

That's pretty much it for cool investigators, Helen is doing well but we need to find more new investigators!!

Also, we had a lot of fun at the Book of Mormon musical this past week.  With two other Elders, we passed out 125 copies of the Book of Mormon to patrons going in so that was pretty cool! Hopefully some of them decide to learn more!

That's pretty much it for the week.  Just another week in Paradise:)

Love you all,
Elder Butterfield

The true Book of Mormon stars!

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