Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 78: Another Six Weeks in Hollywood!

Hey Everyone!

Well, first off transfers are this week........and Elder Van Cott and I are both staying in Hollywood! We were a little surprised, but we're ready to go forward and help the Fort Laud zone bring more souls unto Christ:) Seriously though, one of President Richardson's counselors actually pulled Elder Van Cott out and told him to say his goodbyes because he thought he was leaving, and then he ended up staying so that was pretty funny! But it should be good, good things are happening in this area, so I'm excited to stay and see more miracles!

So some crazy good news about Helen! She's getting baptized tonight!!!!!!  So Sunday she had her baptismal interview, and she passed that which was great! Then we found out that there is a funeral on Saturday the 20th in the chapel, so we figured it wouldn't be appropriate to have a baptism there that day. We called President Richardson and got the ok to move it to Tuesday (since we thought that Elder Van Cott was leaving at that point). We called Helen, made sure she was ok with that and didn't really think anything of it. Well, Monday night when we go to see her and fill out her baptismal record, we find out that today is her birthday! How crazy is that??? We honestly had no idea until we filled out the record... God has His timing that's for sure:) Also, while we were there she had us "cast lots" (or pull paper out of a box) to decide who would baptize her. I pulled out the right one so I will be the one performing the baptism which will be neat!

One other really cool thing that happened last night was Helen took 10 minutes just thanking us for taking the time to visit her and for answering her questions and being the good people that we are. She said that she has a lot of respect for us and to get the point across she said, "No really I'm not just kissing a**. I mean it!" This was super hilarious because she doesn't usually swear. She's a great woman! She also talked about how excited she is to go to the temple to do baptisms and already has information for her parents and grandparents! By the way, we were able to take her to do a temple grounds tour on Friday evening with a member. So she is super solid for her baptism and we're super excited for her!

As well, our friend Venice came to church again, and this time her husband made it too, so the whole family was there! So far it's proven difficult to teach their family during the week, but Elder Van Cott and I are keeping our hopes up:)

Other than that we're just working hard to find more investigators and work together with the ward. We got the Elders' quorum president to agree to get 4 Elders for each Wednesday to do splits with us so that we can split up into 4 different companionships to teach our investigators plus contact the part member families here. With that rolling we should see some amazing things happen!

One other thing that happened last week was that Elder Van Cott and I gave our first zone training together. Since our zone has been struggling, President Richardson came and gave some input as well. The good news is he really liked it and said it was the best one he saw! So things should be on the uphill here!

That's pretty much it for this last week. It's been a pretty good week for me, and I'm excited to see what else Hollywood has in store for me:)

Elder Butterfield

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