Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 79: A Birthday Baptism!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Well, the good news from this week is that Helen got baptized and confirmed Tuesday night! She is doing awesome and said that she notices and feels a difference in her life. She feels the Spirit guiding her more on making the right choices, and she said she finally felt clean after 30 years of trying to repent on her own. When she told us, that was definitely one of those moments that make a mission worth it. Just knowing that Elder Van Cott and I were able to help someone receive a remission of their sins through baptism by the proper authority was definitely the highlight of the week:)

Not only that, her son decided to come to the baptism this week! Normally, he keeps to himself and just stays in his room, but we met him for the first time Tuesday when he came to the church for her baptism! He didn't make it to church since he was sick and we haven't been able to teach him anything, but there is definitely potential there!

Other Helen related news is that she passed her interview for her limited use temple recommend! So now we just need to teach her all the new member lessons, help her get some names to take to the temple, and we will be able to go with her to do baptisms at the temple for the first time! They just barely approved that in our mission, so we are super pumped!

So that's definitely most of the good news for the week:) On the other hand, Elder Van Cott and I weren't able to get any investigators to church and we basically need to rebuild our teaching pool from scratch. But we'll do it one way or another. One awesome thing is that the ward and stake here are really working with us to step things up. Stakewide, they are assigning members to go out with the missionaries each night to teach investigators as well as visit part member families and less active members. So that should be a HUGE help! The correlation is that when member-present lessons go up, then baptisms go up so we are seeing what we can do to baptize more here. As well we've been working with the Elders Quorum President, Brother Bills, to set up member exchanges on Wednesday night. So we will be able to split up and each go with a member as our companion for the night to do double the work. That should be a big help as well. Really good things are happening in the ward here; now we as missionaries just need to contribute our part and find some new investigators!

So ya, basically we are just doing our best to involve members more and we figure as we do that only good things will happen. So we will see what happens as #MiracleMarch is coming up (Last year in March the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission hit it's goal of 100 baptisms, 102 to be exact. So we are shooting for a repeat!

That's pretty much it for this week, I'm excited to see what awaits me in Hollywood this week!

Elder Butterfield

McKay, Helen, and Elder VanCott

 Elder VanCott, Helen, and McKay

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