Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 81: A Visit from Elder Dube of the Seventy

Hey Everyone!

Hopefully it's starting to warm up in Utah like it is down here in Florida. It's starting to get REALLY warm again. It won't be long before the sweat is dripping down our backs...! With that lovely picture in mind, I'll tell you how the week went!

So last Tuesday we had our zone conference with our visiting General Authority, Elder Dube, one of two black members of the Quorum of the Seventy. The other one is coming to our stake conference this weekend. Sweet right? Anyways zone conference with him went really well. He offered some great insight on how to better work with and involve the members here. He was also impressed with us as a mission. In Mission Leadership Council he told us that he usually gives an obedience training on getting up at 6:30 am and stuff, but as he went around to shake our hands, he knew that wasn't a problem in our mission and instead trained on us on more important stuff! So that was pretty cool!

As well, at the end of zone conference Tuesday, President Richardson picked some missionaries to have private interviews with Elder Dube, and I ended up being one of them! It was a good experience although a little scary! He just asked about my family, how many siblings I have and stuff. Once I said I have a brother, he said I needed to set a good example for him because a mission isn't optional! So there you go Brendan, Elder Dube says you have to go on your mission in case you weren't already planning on it :) Then he just asked about the zone and a few personal questions. It was weird though because I just knew when he looked into my eyes that with the gift of discernment he knew everything about me. Of course I don't have anything to hide, but it's a different feeling knowing that he's able to read people like that! Overall though, a good experience!

Another highlight of the week was that one of the Assistants to the President came and did what's called a shadow exchange with us on Friday. Basically one of the AP's just comes and follows us around all day to see how we're doing. Fortunately, we had a really good day that day with lots of teaching, so it went well:)

 The sad part about this last week is that we picked up somewhere around 11 new investigators that were committed to baptism and coming to church, but they all dropped off Saturday night or Sunday morning:/ So basically we are starting from scratch again....if people would keep their commitments this wouldn't happen! That's one of the things I liked that Elder Dube said, if we can get people to keep saying yes, then they'll get baptized!

That being said, last night we were knocking doors at an apartment complex near the chapel and we found a really cool lady named Carmen! She's going through some rough times in her life right now, but as we prayed with her, you could see her feel the Spirit. She told us how a lot is going on, but that she wants to make changes in her life and had actually been thinking about baptism all week and in particular yesterday! Then we showed up at her door. That is one thing that has been such a testimony to me of the truthfulness of this work on my mission. I've run into sooooo many people at just the right time to the point there was no doubt in their minds or mine that God sent us to them. Sometimes they choose not to continue or act on the witness they receive, but I really do know that this is God's work and He DOES love His children.

So I'm very excited to see what this week brings my way, I have my hopes up that Miracle March still has some miracles in store for Elder Van Cott and me..!

Elder Butterfield

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