Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 83: Zone Conference

Hey Everyone!

Well, spring break is upon us! Fortunately, things aren't too crazy here in Hollywood; it's more of a family area so we avoid most of that crap! As far as missionary work in my area, this last week was a pretty good one!

We were able to teach Jiselle the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon with members from the ward.  We also took her on a tour of the chapel here in Hollywood which she liked a lot! So because of that, she made it to church on Sunday! Wooohooo! She is doing awesome and really excited for her baptism on the 2nd of April although we will probably have to move it because of General Conference--but hey that shouldn't be a problem! She seemed to have a good time at church although Gospel Principles got pretty weird again. I really hate taking investigators to that class!

But anyways, Jiselle is doing well. A part member family came to church also. It's an active member, her non-member niece and then her fiance who isn't a member either. We haven't taught them much yet but we are looking forward to working with them.  There was also a large Haitian family we were teaching, but they weren't keeping commitments so we had to drop them:(

We also saw a great miracle yesterday after church! We were knocking doors in an apartment complex (apartments are the best, more doors, less time and people are constantly moving in and out:) and found a lady named Pamela! We actually contacted her from the ground while she was sitting on her second story balcony. She didn't seem that interested at first but then came out to talk to us and asked us about what a Mormon is. So we talked about it a little bit, shared the restoration with her, and then she told us how she had recently left her church and was looking for a new one. Then, she explained how she had been praying to God asking Him to let her know if there was anything else she needed to do in her life. Then we showed up:) Needless to say, she committed to be baptized on the 9th of April:)

Other highlights from last week: we had Zone Conference on Thursday. We had to drive to the west coast of Florida in Fort Myers, which was my first time out there! So we had to take I-75 on a stretch called Alligator Alley out there. It's literally a straight road through the Glades in the middle of nowhere. So to make the drive more adventurous, we had our zone meet up and did a missionary caravan of 8 cars all the way across Florida to the chapel. It was pretty funny to see peoples faces as they passed 8 cars filled with Mormon missionaries:) We also got a pic out in the glades from a scenic pull off which turned out pretty cool:)  All in all it was a good week.

Love you all and have a good spring break!

Elder Butterfield

Elders in "The Zone"

"The Zone"

Zone Conference--McKay is 2nd row from the back, 4th Elder from the left.

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