Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 84: Happy Easter!

Hey Everyone!

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone really did have a wonderful Easter! Honestly mine was pretty crazy; it didn't even seem like Easter, but hey I think that's just part of being a missionary:)

So this last week...Monday we did a family home evening with the Baderaco family, a member family here in the ward. We were able to help them invite some people to the church Easter egg hunt which was pretty cool! More to come on that later! Afterwards we taught our investigator Pamela, and she's awesome! Then we did exchanges on Tuesday, so I took over the area and brought Elder Spencer into Hollywood with me. It was pretty fun; we had a good little exchange! Nothing too much report from that though. Although I do have a funny story that happened this week! So Brother Tinny, our ward mission leader, was telling us how his wife keeps getting viruses on her phone. I was trying to explain to him how it happens and how to avoid it before our correlation meeting. Well somewhere in the conversation I said the word function, but I stuttered when I said it and so I accidentally said "the big one, the mother of all dirty words, the f dash dash dash word" in the chapel...whoops! After I stuttered, I realized what it probably sounded like and looked over at the other Elders who sure enough are trying not to bust up laughing, confirming that I did indeed say it. They were doing a pretty good job of keeping quiet until a ward missionary Brother Johnson just busted up laughing and then they lost it too. Then I started laughing too because it was pretty funny... :)

Wednesday we had a pizza picnic after district training so that was pretty fun, then we knocked lots of doors and went and taught some lessons with Brother Russ from the ward. We went to go see someone who had requested a Book of Mormon, but really he just wanted a movie about Jesus. Online missionaries tend to sugarcoat these media referrals haha! He actually lived in a gated community, so Brother Russ just tried to sneak in and had the security guard chase him. That was funny too. We did end up seeing the guy, but he just wasn't really interested. Then we taught Jiselle the Word of Wisdom which went well that night,but she smoked the next day and is kind of in a spiritual downward spiral right now. Hopefully we can help her get back on track. Time will tell.

Thursday was awesome! We taught a guy named Cesar the Restoration with another member named Junior at the church. So interesting back story: Cesar is the brother of Brother Ronda who passed away recently in the Hollywood ward. We actually went to his funeral as he wanted the missionaries to be there. Well, Cesar lives in Miami, but since his brother's passing, he has gotten super interested in the church. And since he knows people in Hollywood, we're at least starting the teaching process. It was an awesome spiritual lesson, and when he prayed, he said something along the lines of, "This is the first step in something that I'll be doing the rest of my life." That was pretty cool. We didn't invite him to be baptized yet since he's kind of taking things at his own pace and other people had already talked to him about it, but he'll get there for sure:)

Friday I went on exchanges in the Spanish area of Hollywood with Elder Perez which was fun. It's a bit difficult to find Spanish speakers here, but it was a good exchange!

Then Saturday we went to the Primary Easter activity since the Baderacos had invited a few non members. It was pretty fun. I talked to the people for a bit. They weren't quite ready to accept an appointment, but they had a good experience so that's a start! Later on we went to a baptism to which I will give the backstory right now!

About a month ago, we had dinner in the home of a Venezuelan family that attend in the English ward for their kids. Well, the mother and kids are active, but the husband had been super less active for years. Not only that, the non member mother of the less active father is visiting here for several months in Florida, but she only speaks Spanish. Good thing my companion and I are both Spanish missionaries even though we're in an English area! So after dinner, I pull out the Restoration pamphlet in Spanish! I look over and my comp is somewhat skeptical about the whole situation, but I didn't care. I was going to teach this Venezuelan grandma the Restoration! Well long story short, we passed the grandmother to the Spanish sisters, and she got baptized this last week by her son who just got rescued! How awesome is that?? Sure it wasn't a baptism for our area, but we helped bring another soul unto Christ!

Sister Bolivar, the wife of the less active man, was SOOOO GRATEFUL for us initiating the whole thing. It was really great to see that taking the drive to teach the Restoration in that situation paid off big time:)

Last but not least, Easter! Honestly though, Easter was a pretty regular Sunday for me. I knocked on people's doors and reminded them about church, went to church, and then we contacted a Book of Mormon referral from Ethiopa who seems super cool! He is only available on Sundays, but I definitely can see him getting baptized! After that we had dinner with the Hamilton family,  knocked doors, and then taught Pamela to read and study the scriptures daily since she came to church.

All in all a pretty solid week! Unfortunately, since Jiselle smoked we won't by baptizing in March but April is looking REALLY good. I better stay for one more transfer since transfers are a week from Wednesday. So FYI next P day will be Tuesday!

That's it for this week, love you all!

Elder Butterfield

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