Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 85: The Best and Worst Week of My Mission!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well I'm going to start off with all of the amazing miracles that happened this last week! So I'm sure you all remember Pamela who came to church last week! Well we were teaching her last week, but  about Thursday we kind of lost contact with her and we were freaking out. We didn't hear anything from her Friday either which was really concerning because, from what she had told us, she was going to be kicked out of her apartment on the 1st of April. So we were super worried they had already evicted or she had already moved out or something.

Well Saturday night we stop by, and Pamela had some of the craziest miracles happen in her life that I have ever seen! When we were teaching her, she didn't have a car, was going to be kicked out of her apartment and didn't have a job. She was in a really tough spot both physically and emotionally. Well Saturday when we finally saw her again, she had gotten a job, bought her own car, her ex boyfriend came and paid the rent at the apartment for the month of April, and she found a place to move into in May that is still within the ward boundaries! It was so crazy!!!!!!!! She was so happy and excited and then reminded US that she was going to be getting baptized next Saturday! Unbelievable! She came to General Conference on Sunday, loved it, and we have taught her everything she needs to know for her baptismal interview, which should be happening tonight! Her daughter is still iffy about being baptized but will probably be baptized in the coming weeks!

As well, we were sitting at home Thursday doing our weekly planning session when we got a random phone call from Carmen. (I mentioned her in an earlier email at one point). We had knocked her door one Sunday afternoon and she had been thinking about getting baptized all day! Unfortunately, we lost contact after that and never heard from her again. Well she called us Thursday and asked us to come over and told us that she felt like we NEEDED to come over. So we ended up at her house on Friday night with a brother from the church, and she and her son Junior are both getting baptized on the 16th of April. Her situation is crazy, but the Lord has really prepared her! When we told her that church was on Sunday, she burst into tears because she literally had just gotten Sundays off at her work. She LOVED General Conference as well as Junior!

Another crazy side note. Her mother-in-law who only speaks Spanish came with her to the church on Sunday because she heard Carmen was meeting with the Mormons and was suspicious. This usually means that family members anti our investigators and it's over with. But this amazing mother-in-law decided to come see the church for herself. And what better day for them to come then General Conference when Spanish and English are spoken at the same time?? God literally worked all of these things out and it's so amazing to see how He helps those who seek Him.

Now the bad news: I'm FREAKING TRANSFERRING!!!!! >:( Not only that, my companion is transferring as well! We have all of these people who are super committed to baptism, and they are sending us both out of the area. I'm so furious and angry even still I can't describe it.  

Not only that, I'm going to Stuart, which is right above Jupiter. Another ENGLISH area with almost no Spanish speakers. There's not even a Spanish ward in that entire stake. And my new companion is going brand new into the area with me, so neither of us know anything about the area. I'm leaving baptisms, losing my Spanish, and all of the ward members are asking us what we did wrong since we're both leaving (usually when both missionaries leave it has bad connotations to it).  I'm just so unbelievably upset right now. I literally couldn't sleep at all last night. I finally get something going, and I can't even stay around to enjoy it.

The only saving grace is that Elder Adams is going to be my new companion. Yup, you read that right, my buddy from high school, Gabriel Adams. So that's pretty awesome and I'm excited for that! I just don't even understand why I was called  to be Spanish speaking at this point if I'm not going to be able to use it. And yes I know it says in the call letter my assignment can be adjusted according to the needs of the mission president, but I'm still just really upset and angry about it all.

Mostly though, I just hope Pamela and Carmen are strong enough to survive this. It's usually devastating to investigators.  But anyways, life goes on. I'll probably spend the rest of my mission among the gringos....hopefully I survive.

So that's pretty much my week up to this point, good and bad. That being said, I love all of you and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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