Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 86: Settling in to Stuart

Hey Everyone!

Well this last week has been pretty dang crazy. Elder Adams and I have basically been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Wednesday was transfer day and we didn't arrive to our area until 3:00-3:30ish (Stuart is like 2 hours away from the mission office/home). Stuart is actually just above the Jupiter ward, so I'm back to the place I literally thought I would never return to. After reading some of the notes the other Elders left us, we went to meet our investigator, Ola. She was pretty disappointed the other missionaries were gone, but she will go forward just fine. So that was good, then we went to a meal appointment and finished off the night knocking some doors and going to meet the family of a recent convert that I interviewed to be baptized when I was back in Jupiter.

Thursday we had to go to district trainings which are super far away here! Our first district is a half an hour away in the Jupiter chapel and the second one is another half hour away, so we drive one hour away from our house. So lots of time driving, and then no miles are left over :( So anyways we did our district trainings, went back home and had a lesson with Ola and her member friend, and then had some dinner that the members brought to us. After that we just went out to knock some doors and to try to find new investigators.

Friday we got pretty wrecked as well. We had mission leadership council in Fort Lauderdale. So we had to drive ALL the way back down with our district leaders this time and all the way back up. We didn't get back to our area until like 4:30. Then we saw Ola again, reviewed the baptismal interview questions and helped her overcome some concerns that she had. As well we discovered she still needed to pray about Joseph Smith being a prophet, so we committed her to do so.

Saturday we were finally able to sit down and do our weekly planning session and really get settled so that was good. We also followed up with Ola who got an answer to her prayers, and then visited a Mexican family that lives here, the Mora family. They are super awesome and are excited to have two Spanish missionaries here in Stuart which hasn't happened in a long time since it's mostly an English area. They have a few Spanish speaking neighbors they are going to invite over for an FHE so that should be good!

Church was alright on Sunday.  We met a few of the members, had a meal appointment, saw Ola and then knocked some doors. We did find a super awesome Spanish contact here, so hopefully we can keep finding some cool Spanish contacts/investigators.

Pretty much our plan for Stuart is to work with the members, and then when knocking doors, to find all the Spanish speakers. So we shall see what happens.

That's pretty much it for this week, love you all!
Elder Butterfield

An old picture of McKay and his new companion, Elder Adams, at a transfer meeting

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