Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 87: A Baptism in Stuart

Hey Everyone!

Well, this last week has been pretty crazy, but it's been a really good one honestly:) Though I do have some sad news to share first. So update on the investigators I left behind in Hollywood. Pamela and her daughter got baptized, but somehow her daughter Mia didn't get confirmed with her. Not sure what happened there. I'm asking around before I make any assumptions. As well Carmen told the Elders not to come back anymore--no idea what happened there either. So that was definitely sad to hear, but what you do you do? That being said it was definitely wrong for me to question the revelation my mission President had received about transfers. I just hope that one day Mia, Carmen, and Junior get things figured out...

Anyways, bad news aside it was honestly a pretty great week! Our investigator Ola Brown was able to get baptized as scheduled, and she asked me to perform the baptism so that was a wonderful blessing! She was very prepared! In fact, I have a miracle to share about her! So last time I emailed y'all she was still unsure of what to do about her work situation, but when we went to go do her baptismal interview on Tuesday with Elder Robishaw, she had amazing news to tell us! So between Sunday the 10th and Tuesday the 12th, her boss called her and offered her a Friday/Saturday shift because someone else had given it up and Ola had seniority over everyone else. As well she knew that she wanted to go to church and get baptized!  So at that point she was completely ready without a doubt for her baptism and she has a solid member friend in Sister Sevenin who's in one of the baptismal photos. So that was an amazing miracle this week!

As well we've had a lot of miracles in finding new investigators!  Here's one miracle that happened I would like to share. My companion and I decided to knock doors in a trailer park. We found someone who needed us named Catherine! Catherine had been praying that day to go back to church, and then we showed up to her door. She burst into tears after the prayer and said that she had never had a prayer answered so quickly! The next day she texted us this,  "Your appearance here yesterday was a direct answer to a specific prayer request I made to God through my Lord and Savior."
God's plan is perfect. Needless to say Catherine came to church and loved it! Unfortunately, she has some problems with an abusive ex who won't leave but she is working on getting him evicted so hopefully that won't be a problem for much longer. That being said we are her third set of missionaries, and I honestly believe that she is ready this time around!

We also  had a recent convert in the area bring her friend to church for like the third time  as well as a family who is working on coming back to the church. They've been coming the past couple weeks, but we just assumed they're all members. Turns out the wife of one of the brothers is a non member and when the Bishop talked to them, they agreed to take the missionary lessons. So we had two member referrals come to church as well as Catherine. Pretty awesome! The only hard thing is that the two member referrals live in a tiny little place called Indiantown which is waaaaay far away; in fact, so far we don't have enough miles to drive there more than MAYBE once a week. We are planning on going out there this week, but hopefully we can get some members who are willing to drive us out  there because we have two investigators coming to church on a regular basis!

So yeah, definitely bad news from Hollywood, but Elder Adams and I are tearing it up here in Stuart. And even though I thought I would hate it here, I actually love it. People up here are very nice, the jobs here aren't as bad as they are in Miami/Broward, so people actually have time to talk to us and meet with us. We decided Stuart is the best kept secret of the mission!

Anyways love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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