Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 88: Speaking Spanish in Stuart!

Hey Everyone!

Well, this last week was a pretty dang good one to be honest with you! We taught lots of people, picked up some cool new investigators, and have been able to speak plenty of Spanish:) Funny thing, there is actually more Spanish work here in Stuart if you go to the Spanish neighborhoods than there is in my old area Riverside Park in Fort Lauderdale. Go figure right? But hey I'm sure loving it a lot!

Update on the investigator Catherine from last week! So she actually moved out of our area down to Jupiter with her husband. They had been separated for a long time but are still married, and she needed to get out of her current situation which involved a lot of abuse. So while I'm definitely sad we can't teach her, it needed to happen and it will work out way better for her there. The Elders are already teaching her down there, and she is still preparing for her baptism on the 8th of May. As well, they are teaching some of the family now, and she's a lot closer to the church whereas in our area she lived forever away and didn't have a car so she had to a get a ride. So it's definitely what needed to happen. I'm just hoping this can be another referral passed on that gets baptized!

We also had a pretty amazing miracle with a family from Venezuela! So I actually came on quite a few exchanges here to the area of Stuart back when I was serving in Jupiter and taught a lot of different people. So when I got here, I went back and pulled out all of the people I remembered to go follow up with them. We went to go follow up with one of them on Thursday, and right as we pulled up to the apartment, another car pulled up in front of it as well. It wasn't the lady I had taught, but actually a Venezuelan family that had just moved into the apartment the weekend before. So we approached them and they looked pretty relieved to find someone to speak Spanish to. Turns out they fled Venezuela as refugees 6 months ago, arrived to Hialeah, but it was too crazy/expensive for them and they couldn't learn English there, so they moved up here to Stuart where they will have a lot more opportunities to learn. Not only that, the father Yeimer had a Mormon boss back in Venezuela, but he had just never been interested in the church before. However, when we showed up and invited him to church and a return appointment he happily accepted. Then he and his family came to church on Sunday! So that was a pretty cool experience and definitely a testimony to me that I am in the right place!

Amongst other things, we finally went out to Indiantown this week. It's a good half an hour drive away and is out in the country somewhat close to Okechobee. It's definitely a farming community, but there is a Haitian recent convert there who brings her neighbor and her kids to church with her. So we finally were able to start teaching her neighbor, and she is preparing to be baptized! The language barrier is hard sometimes so it's a slow process and there's definitely some life changes she will have to make, but it definitely can happen!

So ya, lot's of good stuff happening here in Stuart! The only sad thing that happened was that Ola Brown lost her job this last week and her car broke down. Dang Ford Taurus'... So ya just like most of my other recent converts, the post baptism trials came pretty quickly.... but the good news is that she is remaining faithful and the ward is doing a great job of reaching out to her and helping her with a ride to church. So God will definitely work things out in His way. I just don't know why so many bad things happen after a baptism. It's pretty frustrating sometimes....!

That's pretty much it for this week though. Elder Adams and I are having a lot of fun and enjoying Stuart together, so I don't have much to complain about:)

Love y'all, have a good week!

Elder Butterfield

 McKay and Elder Adams are stylin' in their Florida t-shirts.

 McKay conveniently left this out of his weekly update. We had to find out about this escapade from Elder Adam's sister.  She and Brooke are friends, and she passed along the fun info that these two decided to shave their legs this week!  McKay's are bloody ones on the right. I didn't know this was a necessary missionary skill?!

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