Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 90: Double Exchanges

Hey Everyone!

So to be honest we've had a lot of people stop progressing this week (not keeping commitments), so we have a lot of drop talks to do this coming week. But we're not down about it all; it just means there are other people out there waiting for us to find them!

So last Monday was a good P-Day we had a zone activity which I talked about.

Tuesday was District Training day, so we left the house at 9:00 am and then Elder Adams got back to our area at like 4:00 pm. I didn't come back to Stuart though, I went on a 2 day exchange to Belle Glade. It's a pretty crazy place. I included some pictures of cane fires. Yup, Belle Glade is where all the migrant workers who work in the sugar cane fields live. Once the cane is ready, they just burn the fields to harvest it. Pretty crazy right?

Anyways, I was there Tuesday and Wednesday. We did a double exchange because we wanted to see what was going on out there. It was definitely enlightening as to things we needed to be aware of, but I won't discuss that here. But hey, it was pretty dang fun to go out there. I was with Elder Hansen who lived in the apartment in Hollywood, so that was fun to see him again!

Elder Adams spoke a lot of Spanish without me on Tuesday and Wednesday so that was good.

Thursday was our usual weekly planning. We ate at Taco Bell which turned out to be a mistake ahahaha. We were able to re-establish contact with Yeimer and his family, which was good. They invited us over for dinner on Friday, and we had arepas which are freaking delicious! For those who don't know, arepas are like Venezuelan hamburgers.Yum. 

Friday was a pretty normal day, which was nice, and Saturday we had the ward party for  Cinco de Mayo which was pretty cool.

Basically though, we just need to have a sit down talk with most of our investigators about keeping commitments because almost no one came to church which was sad. So we are pretty much back to square one, but hey let the Spanish neighborhoods guide us where to go:)

Pretty much it. Mother's Day was awesome. It was great to see Mom and the family! Happy Mother's Day to all!

Elder Butterfield

McKay on his double exchange.  A member had the missionaries for dinner and sent this.

 McKay after dinner at a member's house.  We love receiving these surprise texts!

McKay with Susanna, "the perfect investigator"

 sugar cane harvesting fire

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