Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 91: Another Transfer with Elder Adams! Woohoo!!!

Hey Everyone!

So I'll just break transfer news right now instead of making you all scroll down to the end :) ELDER ADAMS AND I ARE STAYING FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER, WOOOOHOOOOO!! It's a party up here in the Stuart zone! The rest of the zone is changing up a lot though. A few whitewashed areas and every single companionship except for us had someone transfer. Pretty crazy stuff.

The good thing is, we have lots of reasons to be staying! So many good investigators have come our way this past week!

First off, there is a member from Mexico here named Martin, and he is seriously one of the most Christlike, converted people I have ever met! He and his other brothers have a landscaping company that they run out of a tiny little town called Indiantown which is way out in the sticks, like 30 minutes from our apartment right before you get to Lake Okechobee. Anyways, he loves the missionaries since he's a convert himself and loves to go out with us and feed us, seriously one of the greatest members to work with as a missionary! Anyways he has been working with lots of Spanish speakers who live out in Indiantown. When they have problems in their life and ask him for help, he always introduces them to the missionaries. Unfortunately, that has been difficult because all of the missionaries who have been in Stuart historically only spoke English. Well, Elder Adams and I are Spanish missionaries, so he's been helping us out and giving us some of his referrals!

He took us out Thursday night to a family where the father has some alcohol problems and the mother wants him to help their kids. Well, we just showed up and taught the Restoration and the 18 year old son Ricardo had his eyes glued on us the entire time and understood everything we said. Even though the parents aren't willing to commit to church right now, Ricardo drove himself to church on Sunday! It's like a half an hour drive! He's so elect! We haven't been able to see him since church because of distance, but we're going to see him again Thursday!

As well last week we were knocking doors in a Spanish trailer park, and we actually found a white woman named Renee who was super confused about why churches said God and Jesus are the same person; it never made sense to her. So she was skeptical when we came to the door, and she asked us what we believe. I basically responded with the first article of faith, and she was so excited to find someone who believes the same thing as her! Because of that, we were able to teach her, and she's understanding super well. She loved church and the ward  loved her! Something else really cool is that her husband is African American (He's Buddhist, so not interested but kind to us.) and so people tried to tell Renee anti about the church and African Americans. So she asked her husband who has studied many religions and he actually knew enough to say that we weren't prejudiced and that African Americans were permitted to join the church in the early days. Pretty amazing he had studied enough to know that. Just goes to show God really does prepare people. So Renee is doing great and preparing for her baptism on the 29th of May.

Another crazy miracle happened on Sunday! So we got a text from the Jupiter Elders about a member referral from Arizona. Basically a young man named Jaimi broke down in Satcher, Arizona, and a member family offered him work to help him get his car fixed up and in the process they shared the Gospel with him. Jaimi is super prepared and pretty much knows it's true already. He just has some addictions to overcome, but we are taking him to the church addiction recovery class on Thursday in Jupiter which should be good! With that said, he's super prepared and will get baptized. It may just take some time is all. He's such a cool guy!

One other thing, I got the chance to go on exchanges to Jupiter last Wednesday, and I got to see Susana which was super awesome!! She is doing amazing and is a ward missionary in the Jupiter ward. She was the only one that came to the correlation meeting, so you know she's solid! Honestly, I was worried it would be awkward since it had been so long, but it was so great to see her again. It was as if I had only been gone for a day or two. She calls Elder Angulo and I her angels, so that's pretty cool:)

Those are the highlights of the week, Elder Adams and I are just pumped to help this zone get back on it's feet. It's been struggling the past little bit, but we've made a lot of plans to get everyone excited and working hard:)

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

McKay and Elder Adams

Studly Elders!

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