Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 92: The Struggle Is Real!!!

Hey Everyone!
Another crazy week gone by...let me just say the struggle is real! We've been working so hard together and every single time Sunday rolls around no one can make the sacrifice and come to church. Ugggh, I'm pretty sick of it! Except for what's even more frustrating is that half of our investigators didn't make it to church because of some pretty crazy circumstances, so we can't even be mad at them really... Anyways, really I'm doing fine, but it just feels like everyone comes to church and then then something happens after that!
Despite the struggles, we did teach an amazing lady named Melanie this last week! She used to be a super hard core workaholic computer networker (my people) but then had an accident that humbled her a lot and prepared her. We came at just the right time to pray with her as she had just lost a super close friend the night before we came. Well we ended up teaching her, she understood it and asked all the right questions. She even came to stake conference on Sunday (we got a new stake president)! The only thing is, she moved to Port Saint Lucie today, two streets outside of our mission >:/ So missionaries in our mission can't even teach her! What's even more annoying is that she had accepted a date for the 11th of June! So we had her call the missionaries up in her area since we can't call them ourselves to touch base and set up a return appointment. She told them who she was, that she came to church and that she wanted to learn more so she could prepare for her date on the 11th of June.
In addition, Jaimi had to work Sunday, so he couldn't make it/ Renee's husband went to the hospital last week so she has her hands full with him and her granddaughter. Plus, we have lost phone contact with her. Anyways you get the point. Sunday was a rough day for us. Especially because the new stake president told us missionaries we need to teach every single lesson to investigators in the homes of members except for the first lesson. That is a pretty heavy request when a lot of people don't respond to our calls or our texts...and we don't have a ward mission leader to help us out still. I guess I just need to take a Nephi attitude instead of a Laman attitude...I'm working on that... :)

That's pretty much it. Just trying to stay focused and not get trunky!
Love you all,
Elder Butterfield

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