Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 93: Just Gotta Keep Moving Forward

Hey Everyone!

Well, this last week was a different difficult; instead of finding lots of people that then in turn didn't come to church, we just had a hard time finding interested people at all! It was definitely a bit of a frustrating week, but that happens sometimes. Just gotta keep moving forward, which is exactly what we did!

That being said, President Richardson advised us to go rescue more LA's in our area because that has a high likelihood of producing baptisms. So we decided to follow that counsel and have had some good experiences so far. Just some background info though: here in South Florida the membership records are very out of date. There are many members on the records that moved from the listed address 5-10 years ago along with a disconnected phone number or no phone number at all. So you never know what you're going to get. The nice thing is here in Stuart if they know someone has moved they use electronic tracking programs that search property and financial records to find current addresses:) So we are just taking good notes of all of our visits (ie if they've moved, bad phone numbers etc etc). So far we've tried calling about 100 of the 500 names and have made 2 good contacts hahaha along with 2 members that want their records removed. Go figure. But that being said we've found 2 members that have had little or no contact with the church in awhile and they have non member family living with them. And they're both open to visits from us, so that's good!

For one of them, we took over an active member who lives 2 streets away from the less active member and he didn't even know about them. So he should have some good contact outside of the missionaries now which is good as well:)

Last but not least, members have been working on a less active Spanish speaking family for years and they finally came to stake conference a week ago and church this last week! And their 15 year old non member daughter is loving the church and young women's and we are going to see them Thursday! My hunch is it will be a slower process; the mother is pretty cautious about returning, but I think good things are happening. Amazing what happens when you follow the counsel of your Priesthood leaders:)

That's pretty much it for proselyting, but I would like to share a funny service story! So we have been volunteering at a local food pantry called LAHIA (Love and Hope in Action), and they already love us. We just help them clean and whatever other housekeeping they need done. Well, we're pretty sure they've never seen such hard working 20 year olds:) They had us moving some furniture around on Memorial Day and so we made sure to vacuum well under and around the rug, and Elder Adams even decided to dust the artificial plant which was quite the project! So we spent a good 45 minutes dusting down that plant and while we were doing so the staff just couldn't believe we would take time to do something like that! So I think that left a positive impression on people. But then it was also funny because passersby were actually heckling and giving us a hard time saying stuff like, "Oh so that's the Mormon's job" or "Wow, I'm suprised they let you in here seeing that you guys aren't Christian." Thankfully that was the minority, but it's just funny how you can't win with some people! Anyways we had a good time and they already like us there after 3 visits so that's good:)

That's pretty much it for this week, hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day!

Elder Butterfield

McKay and Elder White?  Not sure how they know each other, but I will find out!

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