Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 94: On the Right Path

Hey Everyone!

Well I'm going to have to keep this short as we played water balloon quidditch (spelling?) and so we didn't get as much time to email, sorry!

Basically Ilene came to church again yesterday, and she is going to girls camp this week, so hopefully that is a good experience for her! She has all of the right questions though, so things are going really well with her.

We had a walk in of sorts on Sunday at church as well. A lady we had given a chapel card to came to church on Sunday! We had talked to her and she seemed super interested but we just weren't able to teach her this last week. We're not quite sure what her experience was since we didn't recognize her at church, but we stopped by her house and should be visiting her Wednesday hopefully. The darn tropical storm warning makes it so no one wants to set up a return appointment :/

What else...oh I had a really cool experience I wanted to share! So Sunday night 8:00 pm rolled around and our teaching appointment fell through. And once 8:00 pm comes people in Stuart really hate you knocking on their door so we usually try to visit LA's. Well, we were close by one that the ward didn't personally know but they wanted us to see if they still lived there or not. I finally felt it was time to stop by, and it turns out she has never had a visit from the church since she moved to Stuart.  However, she had been thinking about how she missed the church and the Elders recently. Then we showed up! She fell away back when things got nasty with the press during Proposition 8 in California and didn't feel like she agreed with the church. But she really misses it and we shared the website with her, which really gives the church's honest opinion about that very heated issue. If anyone has questions about the church and LGBT stuff I really recommend visiting that website. Anyways, long story short, she broke down crying and was very grateful for our visit. So it's just nice to know that the Lord is still leading us and we're on the right path:)

That's all for  this week!

Elder Butterfield

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