Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 100: One of the Greatest Weeks Ever!!

Hey Everyone!

So literally this week was one of the greatest weeks of my mission! First off, I have a surprise! Ailynn (Yes, I've been spelling it wrong this whole time--whoops!) got baptized yesterday! You're probably wondering how that happened. Well, it turns out the family is going to leave on vacation before June 24th so on Wednesday night Ailynn and her mom asked us if we could move up the baptism to this Sunday. So we did, and it was a great service!

Also Tiara came to church for the first time this Sunday! She and Joshua were able to take the marriage class the mission offers for a discounted marriage license, so they should be getting married soon and then Joshua will be able to get baptized as planned! Hopefully Tiara can with him; we'll see what happens now that she finally made it to church! Also, when we taught Joshua about modern day prophets and committed him to follow the prophet he said, "I'm already following The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" Pretty great answer right? So that was pretty cool.

We're still working with Juan for August 7th. Only time will tell with him--not too much else to report on him so far.

Meanwhile while all that happened, we also had two less active members randomly show up to church on Sunday, and they were both ones that Elder Adams and I had visited or contacted a while back. So they finally made it and we will be visiting them!

Did I mention we did a mini mission with one of the young men in the ward named Caden? Well, we did on Wednesday and it was a blast. He came out with us on Wednesday at 11am and stayed with us for 24 hours, so he got to sleep over. It was great! We are trying to do a mini mission a week for the rest of our missions:) It was great for us and I think it gave Caden a really good experience as well!

I think those are all of the highlights for the week! Hope everyone enjoys the last half of their summer!

Elder Butterfield

Elder Butterfield and Elder Stansfield's funeral service

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