Friday, July 1, 2016

Week 96: Early Transfer News

Hey Everyone!

Thankfully this last week was a little better, I'm feeling lots more upbeat and ready to go baptize the world:) But really I'm doing lots better which has been a big blessing.

As for missionary work, no major breakthroughs this last week to be honest. Eileen is still coming to church and wants to be baptized, but she doesn't want to "rush it" and thinks she'll be ready in a month or two. Which is totally fine, I mean she's coming to church every week with her mom and really her visiting with us is part of what is helping her mom come back to church. So it's a slow process, but it's getting there. I just hope that I get to see her be baptized!

Then our friend Juan is still coming to church every week as well, but he doesn't want to get baptized until he has his own place because he's living with family who are pretty anti unfortunately:( That's pretty much it for new investigators although we've been exploring some new neighborhoods and things seem to be picking up!

We had zone conference last Thursday which was good. Afterwards, I had a temple recommend interview with President to renew mine since it expires soon and that went well. In it, President spilled the beans on transfers and told me that I'll be staying in Stuart for my last transfer and Elder Adams is off somewhere else. Funnily enough, he swore me to secrecy and then Sunday he ended up in our Sacrament meeting and told Elder Adams what was happening anyways. He's pretty excited about this transfer; he couldn't keep it a secret:) So transfer news a week early for once. We also pretty much know what is happening with the zone, but I won't share here in case any other mission moms happen to be reading this!

What else...oh! This morning we went to the grocery store by our house just to pick up a few things and then a member saw us and told us to buy whatever we wanted and they would pay for it! How awesome is that? The members here in Stuart definitely take care of the missionaries, I've never been more well fed in my life (except maybe Doral ;) !

So yeah life is good. Just making sure I finish strong!

That's about it for this week, Have a great week everyone!

Elder Butterfield

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