Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 98: Fourth of July Was a Party!!

Hey Everyone!

So this last week has been pretty crazy! For those who missed last week's update, I'm now with Elder Stansfield who is literally flying home on the same flight as me back to Utah. SO WEIRD! He's a bro, and so far we're having a great transfer:)

So last Thursday was an all bike day in the mission because someone got in an accident that cost over $3000, and it was their fault. FYI: it wasn't me. I didn't get a ticket for my accident, so I didn't cause this! Anyways, Elder Stansfield can't bike (long story), so we had members go out with us all day and we honestly had a great day.

We were knocking doors that day with one of the Spanish speaking members here, Brother Mora. We knocked on the door of a Spanish speaking family, and here's how things went. We offered to share a prayer (Well, I did. Elder Stansfield doesn't speak Spanish :) and Jaime immediately let us in. After sharing a prayer, he told us that it was a very special day. Pretty cool I suppose. Then he tells us that his late father always told him to let people in if they knocked on his door to share a prayer. We were the first ones to ever do that. AND, as it turns out, he shares his father's birthday so it was his late father's birthday as well. BUT that's not all. Brother Mora knows this family as well!!!! And he just happened to be knocking doors with us that night! Of course none of this was by chance, God definitely planned that meeting; it was so incredible! I'd like to say the family came to church, but unfortunately they didn't. Jaime is too busy working two different jobs and barely ever sees his family, but he accepted baptism and whether it's in the near future or much much later I really do believe we planted a great seed!

Friday we had district trainings since we could actually all use our cars, so that was good. Elder Stansfield went down to Jupiter to do a baptismal interview, so I stayed and took care of the area. Sunday was good; Eileen and Juan both came to church. Judging by the looks of things, Juan will be getting baptized the last weekend Elder Stansfield and I are in the mission, pretty crazy! Eileen is currently preparing/praying about July 24th because after that they go on vacation for 3 weeks and won't get home til we are in Utah. So we'll see what happens!

Yesterday on the 4th of July we partied pretty hard. It was great since the Jupiter Elders were able to sleep over with us. We lucked out because Jupiters A/C broke down which is the only reason we got permission for them to come over to our house!

Overall it's been a great week! Working as hard as ever, but enjoying it along the way!

Have a great week!

Elder Butterfield
Elder Stansfield and Elder Butterfield

 Mountain Dew Pong: Part of July 4th Festivities

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