Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 99: A Hot Week! (In more ways than one!)

Hey Everyone!

Lemme just say it is SOOOOOO HOT down here!!!! Like this summer is WAAAY hotter than last summer and all of the locals agree with me. Basically with the heat index (humidity) the average temperature right now is 100+ every single day. Yikes. Good thing this last week was as busy as ever!

So you already know what I did for the 4th of July, Tuesday was P day. Wednesday we had interviews with the mission president which were pretty great. Elder Stansfield and I both asked President the reasoning of putting us together. This is the answer I got, not necessarily word for word. "Elder, I don't do transfers. Heavenly Father does! I felt like you two needed to be together. You're going to have to tell me the reason why you're together!" But then afterwards he proceeded to say how Elder Stansfield has abilities I don't have, and I have abilities that Elder Stansfield doesn't have. We're a great team. Plus we've got almost 4 years of experience between the two of us:) Regardless of why we're together, I'm loving every second of it:D

While President was doing interviews we had our district trainings going on, which were good. Later on in the day we went to go see Juan and then Eileen. Since Juan will be moving out on the 5th of August into his own place, he committed to be baptized on the 7th of August! Woohooo! Later we were able to overcome a lot of concerns with Eileen. Somehow she heard at girls camp that she had to be baptized 10 times in the water. Elder Stansfield dug out that concern, we overcame it, and now she is preparing to be baptized on the 24th of July! So cool!

Thursday we saw Dayllana and Dilen and read through the Book of Mormon with them. Dayllana is still not really committed but Dilen seems interested if just out of curiosity. They came to church Sunday though! Apparently their member cousins and Dayllana and Dilen's parents all had to wake them up like 5 times to get them to go to church. But that says a lot to me. If their parents helped them get up and made them go to church, we should be able to get them on board soon as well! We shall see. It's pretty weird teaching by myself, by the way, since Elder Stansfield can't speak Spanish. But hey, life is good!

Also, on Friday we had MLC and then did exchanges with Wellington afterwards. I went to Wellington, and not too much happened. But meanwhile in Stuart, Elder Stansfield went to see Joshua, and he and Tiera are going to get married! Woohoo! We've got to get them in the marriage class that the mission provides, but I should be seeing a wedding before my mission is over!

As you can tell it was an amazing week! Elder Stansfield and I are getting along great and our strengths really compliment each other. So cool. Definitely the best last companion I could have asked for!

That's pretty much it for this week, love you all!

Elder Butterfield

P.S.  McKay forgot to mention this in his update, but mentioned it in my email:

We're going to be doing mini missions with all the Priest aged young men in the ward. So each of them will get to come out with us for a full 24 hours, including a sleepover and study time. I'm pretty excited for it. We have one with Kaden this week on Wednesday; it should be pretty fun. We're trying to get them all excited to go on a mission!

 Elder Butterfield and Elder Stansfield

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