Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 103: This Is It!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well, I made it! I'm not sure who is more surprised at this point, all of you or me?! Just kidding.

It really is pretty hard to believe that my mission is over. It seems like so long ago when I made my first contact in Hialeah and had absolutely no idea what was going on haha! Time really does fly. That said, it's been an amazing ride. It wasn't easy by any means but I can honestly say it was worth every minute. Even though I've still got lots to learn I have definitely learned a lot these past two years!

Anyways enough of that talk, I can talk all about that when I'm actually home! Here's the update for the final week.

Tuesday we had our last district trainings ever. One district of missionaries had quite the performance at the end making jokes about us finishing our mission. We're still friends though.

Wednesday we had our final interviews with President Richardson and we made history as the first companionship to do them together according to President Richardson. Nice. They were good; it was pretty standard stuff. Stay faithful in the church, go to YSA, get married etc. etc. But don't get me wrong, it was definitely all very sound advice that I'm grateful for. RM's need to hear that sort of thing so they don't get thrown down on by the Prophet in Priesthood session;) Later on that night I did a baptismal interview in Jupiter and stopped by Susana's on the way home to say goodbye and even talked to her husband a little bit so that was good!

Thursday was weekly planning and since we were planning for coming home I got my suitcases vacuumed and prepped to have stuff put inside them. But I wasn't trunky or anything lol;)

Friday was a pretty standard day. Saturday was cool though!  So about a week and a half ago we got invited to a breakfast at another church by someone else serving at LAHIA. We decided we may as well go and so we did! It was a little awkward walking in until we saw the guy that invited us over. The breakfast was super good, and they had a little sermon after which was cool. Surprisingly a lot of people knew who we were and thanked us for coming and "reaching across the aisle." Not only that but Burnsey, the guy who invited us, gave us a shout out and told everyone we were "out pounding the streets for Jesus" and then everyone looked at us and cheered us on. It was a pretty neat experience, I'm glad we went!

Sunday was testimony meeting. Unfortunately, no baptism happened, but I remain hopeful that Joshua will be baptized eventually! It was weird saying goodbye to everyone at church, but then again I've always really hated goodbyes.

Then yesterday since it was our last full day proselyting, I went knocking doors in Indiantown, a little town out in the middle of nowhere. It was actually amazing; someone let us in from the rain and we taught him the Restoration. His eyes got so wide, and he couldn't believe he'd never heard about that before! Hopefully a great last seed to plant!

That's pretty much it! I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve my Savior for two years and to learn to serve those around me. It's been a great ride.

Love you all and I will see you soon!

Elder Butterfield

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week 102: Time Is Flying By . . .

Hey Everyone!

It's hard to believe how fast time is going by! While arriving in Florida seems like it happened forever ago, it's hard to believe that it was only two years ago. So much has happened in two years! That being said I'll do my best to summarize last week.

Last Tuesday after district trainings was pretty fun. I got to do an exchange with Elder Nebeker, so he came with me up to Stuart. We went to go follow up with Jeremy and Vanessa that came to church the week before. Unfortunately, once we sat down one on one without their member friend there, they expressed all of their concerns, that they felt too much pressure and didn't want to get baptized so soon. They said they were open to learning still but want to take things at a much slower pace. The visit took two hours though so we were running super late for our dinner appointment and had to cut things off. We've since tried to set up another return appointment and they have given us the dodge, but we will try again this week. After that appointment, we had a dinner appointment on a BOAT! It was pretty awesome! Turns out if a member is living on a boat and it is docked then it's ok to go on board. So that was pretty neat! Afterwards Elder Nebeker interviewed Joshua. He is solid and has a strong testimony of the Gospel. He just needs to get married and then he will be baptized. He and Tiara are working on it but coming up with the money for the marriage license is proving pretty difficult since Joshua has been unemployed for awhile. But hey, the good news is that he just got a job, so he's trying to make things right.

Wednesday we exchanged back and had a pretty normal day without too much craziness.

Thursday we did another mini mission with Noah, a 17 year old Priest in the ward. Things went pretty well; we were able to get him experience in finding and teaching as well as working with the members. He seemed to have a good time and he really helped us out as well!

Friday we did an exchange with the Assistants to the President and I made the Assistant who came up to Stuart with me bike during the hottest part of the day. It was pretty funny; apparently he was super angry about it, but hey, we were pretty much out of miles!

Saturday was quiet, but Sunday turned out pretty nice!

On Sunday, Joshua came to church again! Sister Conrad also came to church again for the second time. She even invited us over to her home for dinner again which I'm excited for! Brother Osmer also came to Sacrament Meeting for the third time in a row! So while we didn't have a lot of investigators come to church, we did have a few of the less active members we've been working with come again which was great to see!

All in all a great week, I'm just praying super hard that I can see Joshua baptized before I leave the mission. We shall see.

Well love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

April MLC 2016:  McKay is on the right side about 3-4 missionaries from the end.